Sunday, February 3

solo super bowl sunday

If there is one thing that sums up my family it would be football, San Francisco 49ers football to be exact.  I was raised with only one sister but our house on Sundays was filled with EVERY tv on in the house playing whatever football game was on that day.  And every forty niner game is like a super bowl for us. My mom cooks way too much food, we scream and I end up in the opposite side of the house cause I get so stressed out I feel like I have to watch it by myself. Its ridiculous but its something that my family and I bond over. My moms side of the family is what started this obsession. My grandparents who live in Reno have had season tickets to the 49ers since I can remember.  I've been lucky enough to go to many games with my family, mostly my dad, and it is something that I try to never take for granted.

So here is the first super bowl that the niners have been in, in years and I'm living on the other side of the country from my family. Bad timing, I think.  I've been having a pity party here and felt homesick for the first time sense living here for a month.  I have to remind myself how blessed I am to be here and to have this opportunity.. not to mention NO SNOW for 5 months. Here is to my first solo super bowl and the San Francisco 49ers. There is one crazy family that will be rooting for you on each end of the country.

Monday, January 21

and I'm back,

Current changes in my life calls for and updated blog every now and then. Get ready for many posts of anything beach related and [hopefully] many adventures to come along with that. And lots of food moments, or else it wouldn't be me. I am temporarily living in the beautiful and colorful city of Key West, the very tip of Florida. Consider this my journal for the next few months, so I can look back on this amazing experience that I am so lucky to have.

Tuesday, January 17

just doing some homework.

   This year.. being 3 years graduated I finalllly am getting my butt in gear with school. I know, bout time! So I've got the whole going to class thing down.. its the fact that when I have to whip out the 30 lb biology, and no I'm not joking about the weight, I'm probably gonna throw out my back taking that thing around school... anyways when it comes down to actually taking that thing out and start doing that awful thing called "homework" I end up on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and ohh this old thing, my blog!

    Curseeee them..except pinterest I honestly don't feel guilty looking at that for hours on end, its the best thing that ever happened to me. anyways. here are some goodies that I stumbled on while I was doing my ahem.. "homework".

Emma Stone at the Golden Globes this year. total babe status. love everything about her. one of my favorite actress'. she can't do wrong in my book.

Her last year..  and I'm gonna pull a Rachel Zoe, "I die" for this dress!
Except I think she looks sooo much prettier as a red head.

So I had this pizza when I went to Italy my freshman year and had to have it at every possible moment and no one believed me when I would talk about how good my potato and rosemary pizza was.. they thought I was making it up.  
Well guys, looooook what I found..Walahh! And now I am determined to make it this week. I'll keep you posted.

 I'm such a girl, but whateve. I love Pretty Little Liars, its my new guilty pleasure.
It has everything you would want... 
an interesting plot, keeps you on your toes, the best looking guys, 
all the girls have different but great styles that I love getting fashion ideas from,
and did I mention good looking guys?

Hey boy, heyyyy!!
                but seriously, it doesn't hurt to have a little eye candy during the show.

 Lastly, new found song. Which came out in October but I didn't
bother looking it up till today. Its from the movie "Footloose" remake of
the classic "Holding Out for a Hero" and I love it, on repeat tonight.

Holding Out For A Hero - Ella Mae Bowen - Lyrics
I made this using Windows Movie Maker. I got some of the pictures from Google, and others from just writing them down and taking pictures and uploading them to my computer. Song : Holding Out For a…
Added on 10/20/11

Tuesday, January 10

all about me

Instead of New Years Resolutions I just want to focus on mainly MYSELF. Excuse the selfish post, but hey... this is MY blog, right?

I'm posting some quotes and every thought to focus on myself this year. Write them in my notebook, post them in my room, computer, my car, anywhere that I need a quick reminder. Sounds easy enough.
Hopefully by doing this I will better myself cause I know I can be so much more

And mainly I'll try not to stress about the little things in life, just enjoy. I hear it everyday from my mom, its time I started listening.

 cannot wait to see what life has in store for me this year, bring it on 2012 :)

Thursday, November 10

its november and im blogging about halloween. its fine.

I know what your thinking... "halloween was sooooo last week Amanda". Sorry that I am 10 days late on this but after dressing up in two super elaborate costumes that require at least 2 hours of getting ready because you know with all the dark eye shadow, super crunchy curls, fake eye lashes that have glitter in them, red lipstick that mostly gets all over your teeth, fishnet tights that take a good 10 minutes to get on and breaking in the new high heels that you bought that day to especially match your outfit. It takes a lot of time and energy. 

Alright, I'm totally kidding, I wore TWO yes TWO costumes that required everyday makeup, skinny jeans & leggings, instead of doing my hair one day I wore a beanie, and instead of getting blisters on my feet and walking like a giraffe all night I wore sneakers the first outfit then ugg type boots. yup, I really did. 

And after last year of being a total grump for halloween and not even putting on ridiculous animal ears and calling it good,  I was determined to make up for it.

 Outfit #1
The roomies bought these shirts at Walmart for $5.50 
 Then we went to hallowfunkaween ,danced our hearts out
and got 1,292,393 compliments on our pumpkin shirts, NO LIE. 
 we were the biggest hits there and the cutest pumpkin patch around.

 Outfit #2
I went home to fruit heights in a panic to my mom 
 because I didn't have a "real costume" so while we are looking at all the
costumes in HOT TOPIC.. I know I hate to admit it.
I ended up with a tall tee and a beanie. proud moment for my mother.
 later drove up to Logan to go party the night away at the howl and $25.00 later 
stayed up till 6 a.m. and I could hardly function the next day. 
I think I am getting too old for college parties.

The day of Halloween I was at my parents house
my sister came over and showed up with the cutest monster ever
(aka: my nephew)
he looked adorable and he totally poses for the camera now
the last picture he was literally saying "cheeeeeese". I died! 
and like I say ALL the time...
Can he get any cuter?!?!

Later on I went to a big people party at a mortuary 
that my friends/roommates put together which was a blast. 
And even though I didn't know what ninja turtle I was 
until this night...I was told that I was "Raphael", I'm sorry that
I didn't grow up with brothers... I might even whip this out next year.

just a little pinterest humor for ya. so true.

Tuesday, October 4

could I have a "pause" button please?

You know how there are times in your life when you just wish you could just stop time and savor it a little longer? (yeah I'm getting deep here people) I've been getting this over and over again lately. I honestly can't tell you how happy and content I am with life. I thought my freshman year down in was amazing and always will be the "best year of my life" and in some ways it was and always will be, but I feel as you get older and more mature you can handle life a little better and be more appreciative of what you have. and this year so far- I am experiencing just that. for example.

Even though I haven't gone to bed before midnight since I moved into the "dollhouse"(yes our house has a name) and I have developed the college diet AGAIN, which is the wrong kind of diet, consists of  too many cafe rio and mcdonald runs. I am already attached to our little home and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I love how every night after 6:00 when everyone finally gets home from school, work, etc. we either have a dance party, laugh attack, or just chatting our lives away. those are the best kind of roommates.

everyone told me that living with your best friends means that you'll end up killing them in the end, well they obviously didn't have this fun.  this is the weirdest time of my life thus far (yes weird is the only word I could come up with) with friends getting married, loosing some old friends, and meeting new people everyday it can be a little overwhelming. so its good to know that I have 5 girls that I can always count on. can't wait to continue the fun.
love you dolls. 

Shout out as well to the fam damily, we had such a great conference weekend being all together listening to the great talks and there is nothing better then watching the 49ers win a game, my dad and bro in law yelling at the t.v. (they still think the players can actually hear them) and my mamma's food to top it off. Oh and the nephew.. you guys thought I was going to go a whole blog post without mentioning him?! Sorry not today, not tomorrow, probably never going to stop mentioning him in a blog post. But he is now walking and growing to be such a young man. I can't stand it how more adorable he gets every time I see him. Its getting a bit ridiculous actually, see what I mean? (look at picture below).

 p.s. if no one noticed.. its officially fall outside.

and I plan on doing ALL of these things, thanks pinterest.

Tuesday, July 12

im just a summer girl

Been slacking a bit lately.. here is an update on my wayyy awesome summer so far. enjoy

went to my first blaze game, hilarious I tell you. most interesting fans and I don't get arena football buttt double dates with my bff and the carrel brothers are the best

remember my adorable nephew that I think I mention in every blog post. well we became roomies this summer, but sadly now is moving into his new house. loved waking up to this little boys "happy screams" every morning. 
he really gets excited about breakfast for some reason?

this boy, davis, came home and I love having another buddy home again. fun fact: this picture was only taken 3 days after he came home, hand on shoulder is a pretty big deal just sayin. he only said "oh my gosh this is awkward, this is so weird" about 10393 million times that night.

 went to a drive in with ma best lady friends. don't worry, there 
were guys there AFTER we took this on self-timer. we're cool.

then my bff katherine wanted me to go crazy and leave me once again for another adventure. she moved to san francisco and ruined all of our summer plans 
and I missed her so much that i.....

.... visited her a week later. so its fine. her apartment is right by pier 39 (where her work is) and we had so much fun exploring and getting lost in the city. can't wait to go see her again

tehya came too, we are traveling buddies

went to the kid cudi concert and knew about 4 songs he played. 
but we had a good time anyway. we tried to "fit in" and pretend to
be totally high, just cause everyone else was.

firework overload the past week and it started off with the eagle wood fireworks. 
my favorite thing about summer. i don't get how people ever get sick of them.

the fourth of july with all my best friends. I celebrated my birthday just the day before but didn't get any pictures sadly. but none the less i had a great birthday. 
my best friends and family showered me with gifts and love and made turning 20 a lot easier
i had a hard time accepting that i wasn't a teenager anymore. im soooo old. 

got to see my bff Caitlin made my favorite holiday that much better. she is visiting from 
Virginia and I got to see her and her cute baby, that is honestly SO good. and even more adorable. i wish she lived closer, so i'd be able to steal that cute babe of hers.

and of course a summer wouldn't be complete without going to a bee's game.
but i'll be honest,i don't really watch the game. i just go for the dippin' dots.

wow longest blog post EVER is now done.